2022 Year in Review

At the 2021 SAID Board Retreat, an ambitious strategic plan was developed by the Directors to stabilize, expand, and professionalize the organization over the following year. Working together with the SAID staff over the course of 2022, the Board met or exceeded over 95% of the established objectives. See the graphic below.

The grant awarded by the CareQuest Institute, “Addressing the Gap of Indigenous Voice Among Oral Health Professionals,” supports strategies to bring SAID to its next level of operational and organizational maturity, as well as amplify the voice of SAID so it can deliver its mission effectively now, and in the future. This grant, which has several components, includes activities to strengthen our efforts around policy, legislation, and advocacy, and the opportunities SAID could have in contributing to making real, lasting, positive change for the people we serve both directly and indirectly.

Celebrating and mentoring our students who have made a commitment to dentistry remains our focus and guides our energy. Our professionals, many of whom were once SAID students, are making an impression in the lives of our students while also impacting their communities by providing quality oral health care. The goal of graduating 105 new Indigenous dentists each year to meet the need in our communities is great and SAID is committed to the challenge. We will achieve this goal through mentorship, scholarship, advocacy, partnerships, and YOU, the members of SAID.

Thank you for being part of SAID's mission and growth.

Janice Morrow
Executive Director