Conference 2018

SAID Conference Begins and Ends on High Note

The 28th Annual Society of American Indian Dentists (SAID) Conference began Wednesday, June 20th on a high note at the University of Washington and ended June 25th on the same jubilant note at the Chief Seattle Club. This speaks to the “desire to heal” character of the organization founded by in 1990 by Dr. George Blue Spruce, now President Emeritus, and six other American Indian Dentists.

➢ The Vista Café with its beautiful terrace view of Portage Bay was the site of the Welcome Reception and Conference Registration on Wednesday evening.
➢ The meeting officially opened on Thursday morning with greetings from SAID’s President, Dr. Winifred J. Booker, Washington State Senator John McCoy and leaders throughout organized dentistry and medicine.
➢ Continuing education courses were held in the spacious Hogness Auditorium in the School of Dentistry, the UW Medicinal Herb Garden, and the Burke Museum on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Oral health healers earned upwards of 15 credit hours.
➢ The International House was the Friday evening location of the traditional SAID Banquet & Awards Ceremony. Three dental graduates were cloaked with Pendleton blankets, twelve scholarship award recipients announced, and SAID Board Members awarded plaques for their service. A Native salmon bake demonstration and tasting preceded to main event. The evening ended with a drum performance and Round Dance.
➢ On Saturday, the Middle School to Dental School™ initiative was introduced for the first time via a lecture. The doctor coat exclusively designed for 5th through 8th graders was displayed along with other meaningful items.
➢ On Sunday the oral health healers assembled at the Chief Seattle Club for the interprofessional community outreach event coined, Breakfast to Brushing to Blood Pressure™. This marked the proud conclusion to the 2018 SAID Conference.

In her welcome remarks, Dr. Booker explained the areas of focus of the Pathways to Platforms for Oral Health Progress agenda. She appealed for understanding and support to help ensure more American Indian youth are afforded opportunities to attended dental schools throughout the nation. Booker spoke to the invaluable importance of the entire dental team and the relevance of specific oral health care models. She praised the commitment of the SAID and all of organized dentistry for utilizing the Lessons in a Lunch Box program to expand oral health education in elementary schools and encourage interest in dental careers.

Acknowledgements were provided from the Association of American Indian Physicians by President Elect, Dr. Walt Hollow, Academy of General Dentistry Past President, Dr. Linda Edgar, American Dental Association President Elect, Dr. Jeffrey M. Cole, and National Dental Association Past President, Dr. Leslie E. Grant. University of Washington School of Dentistry Past Dean, Dr. James Johnson and Department of Oral Medicine Professor, Dr. Beatrice Gandara, representing the Hispanic Dental Association, were among those bringing greetings.