2017 Scholarships have been awarded!  

The Society of American Indian Dentists is pleased to announce that a record number of students applied for 2017 scholarships. Our selection committee, comprised of board members of SAID, was tasked with a great decision-making responsibility this year.  Our committee expressed their decision was difficult, as all applicants showed great depth of character and a deep desire to work in Native American communities.  In total, four recipients were chosen--two each for the Colgate Post-Graduate Scholarship and the Procter & Gamble Student or Resident Scholarship. Scholarship recipients will be recognized this summer at the 2017 Annual Conference in Cincinnati, OH. 

2017 Procter & Gamble Recipients

Brianna Chavis-Locklear

Jacob Collins





2017 Colgate Scholarship Recipients

Dr. Susan Sergie

Dr. Drew Preston

The 2017 Scholarship window has closed.  

The 2018 Scholarship window will open in early 2018.

SAID Scholarship Opportunities

To be considered for either of these scholarships, please fill out the form below, including the essay section describing how receiving this scholarship would help you enhance and advance the dental health of American Indian people (500 word limit).  Applicant must provide proof of tribal enrollment and must be a 2017 student member of  SAID.

Up to $1,000 Available for American Indian Dental or Resident Student

Sponsored by Proctor and Gamble, and distributed by SAID, this scholarship is available to an AI/AN dental or resident student enrolled in a U. S. Dental School.  


Up to $20,000 Available for American Indian post-graduate dental students

Sponsored by Colgate and distributed by SAID, this scholarship is available to AI/AN post-graduate student(s) enrolled in a U.S. Dental School Post- Graduate program (or has been accepted into a post-graduate program) in 2017.  

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